Island Biodiesel Co-op is a members-run organization on Vancouver Island (based in Victoria) and the Gulf Islands that is dedicated to using and promoting Canadian-made biodiesel. 

The co-op purchases biodiesel from skilled local producers who make the fuel from recycled vegetable oil. It is then sold to members, including local businesses and individual consumers. 

By running our fuel, you can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by 92.5 percent! (Read more in our FAQs.)

New members are always welcome! 

How the co-op works

Step 1: Have a diesel car, truck, or boat?  Our fuels can be used in many diesel engines without 'conversion' or modification to the engine. 

Step 2: Pay a one-time membership fee of $100, which is refundable if/when you leave the co-op as long as the co-op has sufficient funds.

Step 3: Gain access to pure biodiesel (B100) at our members-only fueling station.

(Island Biodiesel Co-op is fully compliant with BC laws and road taxes. Read more in the FAQs.)

Current biodiesel price per liter: $1.66