The Island Biodiesel Co-op was founded in 2007 by consultant Don Goodeve, violist Kenji Fuse, and musician and producer Karel Roessingh. Don and Kenji had been making biodiesel at home when Karel saw a segment on Shaw TV about Don. The three got together and decided to form a co-operative. The original intention of the co-op was to spread knowledge about and promote biodiesel, and since the founding members had a surplus, there was fuel left over for other members. In the early years, fuel was purchased from producer-members in 20-liter jugs, and it was made in basements and garages. Now that the co-op has grown to well over 50 members, the scale is too big for backyard setups. We now buy large quantities from a single member-producer who brews top-quality B100 at his country home. 

Island Biodiesel Co-op is a registered co-operative and pays all fuel, transit, and carbon taxes required by the BC Government. It is entirely volunteer run and there are no commercial outlets. What that means is that some members volunteer to serve as "fueling stations" for co-op members. None of these "stations" are open to the public. In order to access the fuel, one must become a member of the co-op. (The co-op hopes to open a more public station at some point down the line, but that's a complicated issue.)

In 2016, the co-op sold over 10,000 liters of biodiesel. In 2016, our membership continued to grow. Come join the movement! 


To become a member of the co-op, one first needs to have a diesel engine. Our fuel can work in many diesel engines without 'conversion' or engine modifications. (It's always best, however, to do research on your engine, and even check with mechanics or car dealers before running biodiesel.) After becoming a member, which entails a one-time payment of $100, you gain access to our premium biodiesel, which can be purchased at fueling stations or delivered to the home. That is, for members who want bulk orders of 200 litres or more, the co-op can deliver to homes in the greater Victoria area, as long as there's a safe, reliable, and accessible tank or barrel system. Payment is accepted via cash, cheque, hyperwallet, or e-transfer, with payments made directly to the co-op.